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Best Professional Garden / Outdoor Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi

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Garden / Outdoor Cleaning Services in Abu dhabi:

It is lovely to have a garden outside the house or office. Gardening has multiple benefits most of which are long term. It is all fun from sowing the seeds to garden cleaning. Of course, the benefits does not come easily, it needs dedication as a family. Garden must be considered as a part of our soul. It is a wonderful hobby.

Sometimes, it is possible that we miss the cleaning of the garden. Since, it tedious, time consuming and physically demanding. However, Rajasbuildingcleaning has the correct solution for you. Brilliant Cleaner has the best professional with excellent expertise in the service. No leaf shall be unturned in the cleaning process. Not to forget, the affinity with which we clean the gardens, is almost as our own. If you need a hand in this fantastic job, we welcome you to call us. We will be glad to take up this beautiful task of yours.

Services and Process

  • Remove rubbish, fallen leaves and debris

  • Clear the path, flower beds and borders.

  •  Empty bin (If appropriate bin available) Gardener: (above included)

  • Remove and dispose any weeds and invasive plants

  • Grass cutting

  • Trimming overgrown hedges

  • Water flower and plants (If water is available at property)

Cleaning Street Litter
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